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Photos by Matt Levanowitz p3

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Learn to distinguish a house finch from a purple finch. The best ID is the brownish streaks on the flanks of the male house finch and the purple smudges on the flanks of the male purple finch ( no real streaks ). The male purple finch has its purple-ish coloring on its wings/back/and rump.... Don't forget the crowns. The male purple finch crown is ruffled;  that on the male house finch has a slicked down appearance.

The females are easier to distinguish than the males.The female house finch (left) has an exceptionally plain face. The female purple finch (right) , with its white facial stripes, is unlike any other sparrow-sized, sparrow-like bird.  ,,,,,,Thanks very much Matt & Allen.


         male house finch        vs            male purple finch

           female house finch        vs     female purple finch

Photos by Matt Levanowitz p1

Photos by Matt Levanowitz p2

Photos by Matt Levanowitz p4

Photos by Matt Levanowitz p5

Photos by Matt Levanowitz p6

Photos by Matt Levanowitz p7

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