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What Else

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Yes, this is a catchall page.


Business, People, Reverse Lookup

Use any of these links to find the phone number and location of a business or person or search a phone number to find person or business. Person's age may also be stated as well as previous addresses. Choose the appropriate tab across the top of web page to start your search. All sites are included because sometimes the person is only listed at one site.

1.800. FREE411 - free phone directory number and address.

For your cell phone press 46645 then text in the person/business and city, state. Google will text back phone number and address.

Yellowbook.com - location map is provided but sometimes is incorrect.




United States House of Representatives 


United States Senate


Committee on Energy and Commerce

Source for new energy legislation.


Library of Congress

Thomas Search

Search legislative bill by text or bill sponsor. System will list all bills. Once at bill you will be able to see status of bill.



Site produced by the U.S. Dept. of State's Bureau of International Information Programs; provides info on current U.S. foreign policy and American life and culture.


Identity Theft Prevention

PA Attorney General Tom Corbett's resources. Note right column such as Preventative Measures-Checklist.


Is your bank safe?

Bankrate.com's Safe & Sound is one source to check. Other independent research should be considered.


Rape Prevention and Stats

Rape Abuse & Incest National Network RAINN includes statistics, reducing your risk of sexual assault, effects of sexual assault, state resources, etc. Reducing your risk of sexual assault link includes link to Computer Safety Procedures, Find a Safer Computer, etc.

Key points: Be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid isolated areas.


Travel Advisories and Info

Non-Interstate News Releases for District 3 - find road of interest and click on link to find road construction schedule.

Interstate Travel Advisories - listed by Interstate number.


Clogged Bathroom Sink

Remove drain cover to see if there are hairs or other items you could remove. Try a small hand sink plunger which is available at Cole's Hardware. Be sure to cover any other drainage holes to keep suction on clogged hole. Push plunger up and down a few times. If this does not work call your plumber. When shaving, you may want to use a deep pan, such as a double boiler pan, in the sink to prevent hairs from going down the sink drain. When you are finished shaving empty pan contents in compost bucket or garden.


EPA Chemical Search

TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory

Toxic Substances Control Act, section 8(b)

Free search of chemicals manufactured or processed in U.S.

In the coming months, EPA will take further steps to increase transparency and make more information available to the public, including adding TSCA facility information, and the list of chemicals manufactured to the Facility Registry System (FRS). FRS is an integrated database that provides the public with easier access to EPA’s environmental information and better tools for cross-media environmental analysis. The addition of TSCA facility and chemical databases to FRS will provide the public with information on the facilities in their communities using industrial chemicals.


NPR on Computer


Some Other Pages

Climate Change



Wildlife Rescue




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