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Jim Green's Weather & Climate Site - many links to weather info for PA and the Northeast.

Union County Rainfall Data - NOAA National Weather Service; scroll down page to see exact rainfall amounts at five monitors in Union County in past 15 min. to 24 hr period. 

Penn State Climatologist Home Page - use heading across top of page to find desired info. 

National Climate Data Center - archived climate data. 

The PA State Climatologist - Min/Max Daily T, Cloudy Days, Precipitation, Snowfall, Dewpoint, Humidity, Heating/Cooling Days, Growing Season (Length, First/Last Freeze Dates)

The Bucknell Weather Station - Great charts when current data posted.



Drought info from PA Dept of Environmental Protection:

Drought Management in PA

Drought Emergency FAQ

Managing Water Use During a Drought Emergency

How to garden during drought conditions - PSU Fact Sheet



Hydrometeorological Prediction Center - Includes predicitons as well as storm summary precipitation under latest storm summary; scroll down links to read total precipitation by state.

Snowfall amount - National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center

CoCoRaHS -Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, & Snow Network.

Precipitation by County - select desired county and dates at link.

Daily precipitation in many counties throughout the United States. At link, select state, county, date then Get Map.  


AFWS in PA - covers current rainfall amounts in various time intervals in many sections of PA by the Automated Flood Warning Systems. Click on monitor dot for particular area then scroll down page to see exact rainfall amounts.


NOAA  - PA current and past precipitation. Detailed state map under Historical Precip Maps for PA, choose a specific date or month.

Daily Meteorological Products - Temperature and Precipitation for past 24 Hours. Scroll down to desired county. Read columns carefully.


WaterWatch - daily water levels in PA by the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey).


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