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Deciduous: Planting Care for New Plants - PSU Solution Source (7004)

Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs - Purdue U, Landscape Horticulture; In-depth, sketches, tools, when to prune particular plants.



Plant Pathology Fact Sheets - PSU; Woody Ornamentals; Full text, some photos.

Insects and Mites - PSU Dept of Entomology, Woody Ornamental Insect, Mite, and Disease Management.

Woody Ornamental IPM PSU Southwestern IPM; some photos/text for specific insects; click on fact sheets or diagnosis to view index.

Anthracnose of Trees and Shrubs - Cornell U. Facts Sheet, Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic, updated 1.05; brief, photos.


Specific Shrubs 

Boxwoods for PA Landscapes - PSU Col of Ag Sciences, CAT UF252 11/01acg4484; no photos; size, hgt, width, culture; in office.

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